Men and their underwear

Yes, that is what I have to talk about. I honestly don’t get it. I am doing laundry this morning, and I came across two pairs of Bill’s boxer briefs that had holes in it. As a man, how do you not notice this? How do you not notice that it is tad more chilly there?  I know if my underwear had holes in it, it would immediately be in the garbage. This is the same guy who can rattle off bulk cable rates off the top of his head. However, he cannot remember to tell me or at least throw away holey underwear?


  1. I'm not sure if they don't notice the holes, or they just don't care. I find holey underwear of my husband's all the time. It seems like every time I throw a pair out, he fishes it out of the trash. Why? Because as far as he's concerned if the holes aren't humongous, he can still get a bit more use out of the things.

  2. Aaackkkk… why are men weird about stuff like that. My husband will wear them forever too and never notice if they are falling apart – but at least he wears underwear!

    I just looked at your Flickr photos – your children are darling!!!

  3. I laughed in remembrance of this concern – holey underwear. I loved to catch my husband wearing same, as I would immediately tear them to shreds right off his butt…

  4. men really don't mind if there underwear have a hole or not. so maybe we girls must be responsible to buy our bf/husband/brother a new underwear. hehehhe….

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