Everbody Update

Madison has been fever free all day now!!!! Yeah!!!! She started doing better yesterday, and she is back to herself 100% now. In the sickness of the last couple of days, I also forgot to mention that Will cut his top two teeth. That means, he has 2 on the bottom and two coming in on the top. Woo hoo!!!

Since everyone is doing well at this point, that means Bill and I get to go on our planned vacation! Woo hoo! With the mess of this week though, I don’t have any of my travel supplies back. I mean none of it. Since we weren’t 100% sure if we were going, I didn’t want to jinx and pack. This evening I will have to pack for us. My MIL is coming to our house to watch the kids, so I don’t have to worry about packing for them. I am trying not to get too excited since the day isn’t over and something can still go wrong. (I know, always the pessimist.)

I am hoping to talk Bill into paying for the wireless internet while we are there. Its $40 for the week, and he doesn’t want to pay it. However, I do, so I’ll be an interesting plane flight. So, I may be posting while we are gone or may not be — we’ll see who wins. LOL

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  1. I'm happy to hear that things are going so well for you! I'm not sure who these people are but as long as they're okay, then everything must be good. I have to also say, I love your site. Especially this layout, the header made me smile!!

  2. Glad to hear that Madison is doing better… having a fever always sucks because you worry sometimes what if the fever doesn't go down. I hope you guys enjoy your vacation! Sometimes, it's warranted and much needed!

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