March is an interesting month in my house. First, Bill and my anniversary from when we first started going out is this month. This year, we will have been together twelve years (we’ll be married 7 years in June). The other event in March is my birthday which is on the 20th of March. I am still young enough that I will tell you all my age — I will be 31 this year. Since I was pregnant last year over my 30th birthday, we didn’t get to go out and celebrate it. I think we got Chili’s-To-Go that night. I know, real exciting. To be honest, I am not sure if we’ll do anything this year either. Going out drinking isn’t as fun when you have to get up with kids early the next morning. My new laptop is my birthday present, so I won’t be getting anything from him. I will be lucky if I get any birthday cards. I am still waiting on my Valentine’s Day cards (which I know he bought and just never gave it to me). I’m not picky at all.

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