The Basement Remodel — Waterproofing

I snuck downstairs while they were on break today to see the progress that was being made.  Here are couple of pictures of what it looks like when they need to install drainage tile in your basement:

It doesn’t look like much, but I have been listening to jackhammering all morning.  Tomorrow, they are suppose to be finishing the job, so we should have the new sump pump, new drainage tile, new concrete where they dug, and they are redoing the outside where it comes out.  Good times. :)


  1. That looks just about as bad as I imagined :)

  2. You've got a nice basement there. :) Not too bad for a "modern" home, lol! How high is the clearance in it?

  3. I am assuming you mean how high the ceiling is — I think its about 7 ft but it changes depending on where you are standing. :)

  4. Hope everything's fixed there. I guess you have a perfectly rebuilt basement. How is it now? Are there no more reports of leakage?

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