Free Pizza?

Who doesn’t want free pizza?  If you don’t, well then you must be a little weird, since I (and my family for that matter) would love to win a free pizza a week for a year!  Sounds to good to be true?  Well, it is not.

Ristorante Pizza’s are offering this awesome Ristorante Contest that you can win a free pizza a week for a year. This contest ends tomorrow. However, you can enter once a day, so you can enter today and tomorrow and get 2 entries! It does not cost you anything to enter, so you really have nothing to lose and pizza to gain!

Some other cool things this site has is a store locator, so you can find the closest dealer that carries this awesome pizza. You can also sign up for the “12 Minutes to Romance” newsletter which will help you get the right vibe, food and drinks for an evening in.  They also have deals and promotions listed which of course is my favorite.  Who doesn’t like saving a couple of bucks!

Needless to say, you definitely need to check this contest and this site out.  However, I recommend that you don’t do it hungry (or maybe you should!) or you will be running out to get some of these pizzas to eat!

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