Picture of the Perfect Man

Did you really think there was one?  (sorry, I couldn’t resist)

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  1. Now THAT is funny!!!! Thanks for giving me a good laugh!!!!!

  2. Jon Griffith :

    Nice, I got a good laugh out of that one. No perfection anywhere… :)

    FYI, your blog takes a really long time to load because of all of the widgets on the right.


  3. Awww..now, that was just wrong! :razz:

    But – guess Jon there proved the point – a guy just can't stop in and say hi without leaving a little criticism! Sheesh! :lol:

  4. Oh my gosh, you got me!

  5. lmao! :)

  6. that is great!

  7. ROFL!!

  8. :mrgreen: LOL!!!

    Good One!

  9. I expected to see my picture there.

    Now I'm disappointed.

  10. LOLOLOLOL – Good One!

    The picture in your header is super sweet!

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    Its great.

  12. lol yeah, really a good one :)

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    hi lisa, u r perfectly right n it was very funny. Enjoyed

  14. LOL! Just what I needed this morning :)


  15. That's funny as long as you also laugh when a male points out there aint no perfect female!

  16. Haha – that reminds me of the book titled, "Everything Men Know About Women" – with blank pages ;) Thanks for the laugh!

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