Meeting a fellow blogger

My friend Elizabeth and I talk quite a bit on Messenger — almost daily — so it wasn’t weird for me to be talking to her this afternoon.  However, she decide to come visit my kids and me today!  The cool part of this is that Elizabeth lives 4 hours from me!  Elizabeth and her 2 year old are at my house right now for a visit.  The three kids (my two and her one) are playing great together, and everyone is getting along great!  Us moms were able to talk, play on our computers, get some blogging done, and generally have a good time.  It’s going to be sad when they have to leave, but I am so glad they came to visit!


  1. Nothing like adult conversation huh? LOL

  2. How cool is that! Most of my friends don't get the whole blogging or computer thing for that matter.


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