My Cute Kids

I had these pictures taken of the kids right before Will’s birthday. I finally got them scanned into the computer and up on my walls!  Aren’t they the cutest things?


  1. Oh look at the supermodel with the hip pose! Super cute.

  2. They are beautiful. I love the hip pose too :)

  3. Great Shots, the kids are getting so big. Will is standing? Wow.

  4. @ Corrin, she is such a tomboy that it's funny that she even has a supermodel pose!

  5. @ Erica Thanks!

  6. @ Drew I'll completely freak you out — Will's been walking since he was nine months! We are actually running now!

  7. adorable photos! What I love about kids is that they POSE so naturally and come out on photos so brilliantly. It seems that they just have fun:)

  8. OMG, they are cute! I wonder how's the feeling being a parent :)

  9. Simply adorable!!

  10. How adorable!

  11. Hi.. nice blog.. and yes they're so cute! :smile:

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