Birthday presents . . . oh my

Ok, so Bill’s birthday is Friday.  It is Wednesday.  I have no idea what to get him. I don’t think he needs anything like air tools, so I am really stumped here. I do know that we still have some odds and ends stuff to do in the basement, so I don’t know if I should buy some of that and give that to him.  I also need something from the kids to give him.  I wanted to buy a Wii, but he doesn’t want one.  That would have been an easy present.  I am putting the bat signal out here — what should I get him for his birthday?


  1. I wish I could answer your bat signal. Men are so hard to shop for. Its my dad's birthday on the 19th and I still don't have any ideas. Jeeze, and they say women are hard to shop for! Good luck with your present search.

  2. I wish I could help you as well. When it comes to my hubby I give him some money and tell him to get something he wants. This has worked out really well in our 7 yr relationship. Maybe a gift card?

  3. Oh thats nice. Wish him happy birthday. Try to find out what he fancies a lot and what he's interested in these days. Then depending on this, you buy him his gift. Best of luck!

  4. you should get him a wife who makes better blog entries! i read this for like 10 minutes and wished i never stumbled upon it. so you got me to thinking about a real gift. why dont you get him a fishing rod and tackle box. he can then use the fish to feed the family and save on food. if you really want to go green you can do this and hunt in the woods. i suggest using a permit when you go though because the game warden can be strict. well, strict but fair in my opinion.

    eat the fish, sell the extra and get green! GREEN!

  5. May bill have a blasting birthday bash and your birthday present may add the excitement and happiness. This might help as the cherry on the top of the cake.

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