On The List

We officially are on the waiting list to get a Prius. We put our deposit down (which was double of what we were originally were told). It was just as easy as running to the store to get dog supplies. We signed a few papers and that was that. We are definitely looking at a six month wait to get one. When we were leaving, the sales guy told us that he would probably see us again when there was snow on the ground. Madison said to him: “good, you can help me build a snowman then”. I couldn’t help laughing at that.


  1. Isn't it funny how kids always turn things around? You are bummed you have to wait to get your new car but just the mention of snow and your child is already making winter plans.

  2. Kids say the cutest things when we least expect it! I hope your wait is not too long! It's great that you are going green! I will when they make one that will hold 4 kids and 2 grownups!

  3. Kids say the funniest things when you least expect it. You'll save a lot of money on fuel with the Prius. I'll bet you can't wait until you can drive your brand new fuel efficient car off the lot!

  4. Wow! I didn't realize there were wait lists now for the Prius. I hope as well that more car manufacturers will start making cars like these so there wont be a wait. I'm glad I have a Corolla it gets really good mileage, plus I work at home so I don't really need to drive too far.

  5. 😯 6 months! Yikes … I had no idea the wait was that long. And I'm sure the prices have gone up too. With any luck, the price of gas will have leveled out by then … but then again, who knows? Good luck to you and hope you enjoy your new car. Lorie

  6. 😛 It makes sense to buy a hybrid car in these days of rising fuel costs and with fears for global warming. Good for you! I have tagged you by the way check out my blog to see!

  7. I don't know anything about Prius' except from the fact that Top Gear seem to think every famous people in the world owns one. It actually looks like a sweet car, especially with the fact that fuel is so darn expensive these days!

  8. I love the Prius, too bad I can't afford one currently, but it is a nice looking car. Energy efficient… woohoo. The more green the better.

  9. You are bummed you have to wait to get your new car but just the mention of snow and your child is already making winter plans.

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