Happy Birthday!

I have to wish my dear hubby a Happy Birthday today!  We have nothing special planned, so I am not sure what we are doing tonight.  Madison wants to go to McDonalds!  LOL  I have a feeling that is not going to be happening.  My mom’s birthday was yesterday so she gets a happy birthday wish too!  Now, we put candles on both their cakes, I wouldn’t need any lighting in my house at all!  Seriously though, I have to go check and see if we have any cake mix, so we can make daddy a cake.  If we do, I’ll make sure we post a picture.  If not, I’m running to the grocery store for cupcakes.


  1. Today is my hubby's birthday too! We're supposed to go out for dinner and a movie ….. the kiddos are making him a carrot cake right now actually while I finish up some work.

  2. Guess what? Today is my birthday :grin:

  3. Happy belated birthday to your man! I hope you guys had a great day yesterday!! :smile:

  4. Happy Birthday to your husband! It is my baby's first birthday today!

  5. Hope you and your family had a great day celebrating your husband's birthday.

  6. Belated Happy Birthday to your hubby. Better late than never :wink:

  7. Hey! He has my birthday. If his was half as happy as mine, he had a great one!

  8. Hahaa, its his birthday and he wants to go macs?! HAha. i love macS!

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