Return Address Labels & Superior Labels

I just recently ordered some return address labels from Superior Labels. I have to say that I am impressed with their service and their quality of labels. There is nothing more that I hate than to have to put my return address all of my Christmas cards or birthday invitations.  What I like most about Superior Labels is that you can order by the sheet or by the roll.  Basically, you can order whatever your needs are.  You can pick what you want on your labels also.  Do you want a black and white graphic?  They have those.  Do you want a color graphic?  They have those too.  How about custom graphics?  Well, you can do those also.  They even have university graphics!  Not sure what exactly you want?  They have an entire online catalog of graphics to choose from!  You can even get return address labels starting at only $1!  Now, I personally ordered a roll of labels.  It is a huge roll – I didn’t realize that 300 labels were that many!  I am so glad that I also ordered a return label dispenser too.  I am hoping that it will keep my children from using these labels as stickers!  It also keeps the labels from sticking to other things they shouldn’t in my cupboard.

What I like best about Superior Labels is that they have very cheap shipping.  The cheapest shipping starts at $2.95 (vs $7.95 from their leading competitor).   There is also no upload fee for custom graphics (which starts at $5 elsewhere).  I love that you can even order free address labels and do a test run (you just have to cover the shipping).  If you want a good quality product for a great price, check out Superior Labels.  You won’t be disappointed.  (I know I wasn’t!)


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