Eyeball anyone?

Bill came home from work last night and told me that my eye was really, really red.  I checked in the mirror and darn it, he was right.  Now, up till this point, my eye wasn’t bothering me at all.  I popped out my contacts, and within five minutes, my eye started hurting.  I am so glad I have a spare set of glasses.  I was hoping that it would be gone by this morning.  Unfortunately, it is not and hurts even worse!  Thank goodness it is only about a block to get to the eye doctor from my house (we can literally walk there). Otherwise, I might have to look into upping my car insurance.  The only bad thing is that they can’t get me in till 7 pm CST tonight!  I’ll just have to suck it up till then.  I am hoping it is not pink eye, but I have no idea what else it could be.  At this point, I’d love to just rip my eyeball out.  Any takers? :)


  1. I used to wear contacts and the last time I had similar symptoms it was because of a tiny scratch on my eye. Its quite painful and starts to go away after you use the drops they prescribe. Best of luck and I hope your feeling better soon!

  2. I had exactly the same thing as Majik – it was caused by a tiny tiny piece of wood that was still under my eyelid when the doctor examined me. Obviously I was saving it! 😆

    Good luck!

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