Are You A Real American?

Boy, was I surprised that I am not.  You know, since I live in Chicago and all and not a small town.  Don’t know what I am talking about?  I didn’t hear the statement that Sarah Palin made at a rally (you know since the libel media is sooooo biased against her), but Jon Stewart sure did.  Check out his thoughts:

Now, the Chicago Tribune did an article several weeks ago (and I’ll link it as soon as I find it) showing that small towns have just as many problems (if not more) than big cities. I personally am sick and tired of hearing how “small town America” is so much better. Let me show you Chicago. Granted, we have our problems too, but we sure don’t act better than anyone else. Wait, can the Olympics even be held here if we aren’t part of “real” America? Like Jon Stewart said, if you are from a big city and die over in Iraq, you aren’t a “real” American.

So if I am no longer a “real” American, do I still have to pay my taxes, since in the Republicans eyes I don’t count? Basically, what I am lead to believe with the way all these Republicans are talking is that unless you are a Republican, I guess you aren’t a “real” American.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!


  1. Someone needs to put a muzzle on her. Every time she speaks she ruins my long standing as a Republican. DAMN HER for ruining that for me!

    (Make sure to go read my post about the Sarah Palin Rally yesterday)

  2. All the Candiadates have said really dumb things. This is a bad election year. Hopefully the US can elect someone better in 4 years.

  3. I don't think she meant me either, I live in Paris,TN and it is a small town. I feel that she means the small towns that don't have any black folks in them. Where every house is a mansion or a big farm. I have lived in the "big" city and now small towns. People are people where ever you go.

    And now with the internet and tv (Duh) I think that people in small towns are just as much informed as every one else. She is just out of touch.

  4. The more she opening her mouth, then the more disasters will be coming out here…

    I think she needs to learn not to talk too much of nonsense topics in the future…

  5. AMEN! I didn't hear the small town America come from her either, but I did catch it on The Daily Show. Sarah Palin is such an idiot it makes my stomach turn.

  6. I am really sick of these different parties. We shouldn't have to join any party to vote and there should be no such thing as party affiliation just the issues that are important. Political parties are one of the issues that are dividing our country.

    But to the issue in this article. I don't think that Democrats are unAmerican but the majority of their stand on some issues are socialist ideals. Especially Obama. What happened to the American Dream that this country was founded on and our founding fathers fought hard to create. Obama stated in a radio interview that the founding fathers created barriers that he wants to destroy to redistribute wealth. Let me tell you, that is SOCIALISM, which leads to communism.

    What is unAmerican:

    Taking the freedom away from people to choose what they do with their hard earned money.

    The government taking from one person to give to another who they deem more needy.

    Government social programs that shouldn't exist.

    Government running businesses as if they knew how!

    And many others…

    Our Founding Fathers did a hell of a job creating the constitution. Where we are now is because the constitution was changed. For the exception of slavery and individual freedoms of course.

    But legislation that have been created with the good intentions using the Robin Hood syndrome have ruined this country. It has taken people's money and given it to others who are lazy or don't deserve it.

    Hard working single moms are having their tax dollars going to pay welfare for lazy moms who are drug addicts. What is fair in that? Government healthcare that you were forced to pay for all your working life now not wanting to pay for medical procedures that can save your life. Money that you could have saved and smartly invested for retirement being taken from you to put in an account that doesn't exist and you are limited by the amount you can get back when you retire.

    All the scenarios I mentioned are real that I have seen myself. Is this the American Dream? No!

    What is the American Dream? If you work hard and smart you can reap the benefits.

    This dream was destroyed by the Government who thinks they can take care of you better than you can take care of yourself. They have been doing a lousy job so far. All they have done is created lazy people and bad services that you are forced to pay for.

    Sorry, no I'm not sorry, for this long post. Someone had to say it. Unfortunately, no one is listening. Because, I am not the only one saying it. Some politicians are trying to say it subtly without loosing votes from the lazy people who enjoy government handouts and hope for socialism.

    BTW, I am not pro McCain, but I am against what Obama stands for.

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