Its Snowing!

Can you believe it?  It actually snowed here in Chicago yesterday.  I had to actually put the kids in their winter coats. It’s only October, how crazy is that!  Granted, it lasted all of 15 minutes.  However, it made for a very slippery trip to the chiropractor.  To make things even more crazy, we are suppose to have a high of 68 on Thursday.  Then you wonder why all of us in the Midwest get sick in fall.  Could it be our crazy weather?


  1. OMG, seems like the snow cannot wait anymore, and that's why it's snowing before the arriving of Halloween…

  2. YES! Everyone around here always gets the ICK in the fall and the spring when the weather does this crazy yo-yoing stuff. I'm hoping to avoid it this year but since everyone comes in to work and breathes their germs on me all day, it's a bit of a long shot.

  3. We just had our first snow fall to. I cannot believe it we are still in October. I do love this time of year.

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