Countdown to Christmas: Tim and Sally's Vegetable Garden

Tim and Sallys Vegetable Garden is another great children’s book.  This book is about two siblings learning how to plant their garden.  We learn about how and when to plant different seeds, what tools are needed, and how to tend to the garden as the vegetables grow.  The book is written in verse, so the lines rhyme which is a skill we are currenlty working on with Madison.  She noticed the the lines rhymed right away, and we are glad to reinforce something we have been working on.  The illustrations in Tim and Sallys Vegetable Garden definitely compliment the story too.  There is also a word list at the end of the book that we also have been working on with Madison.  There is a picture of each item that was in the garden and then what it is is listed underneath.  Lastly, at the very end of the book, there is a Garden Journal, where your little ones can put down their own thoughts about their garden.

Right now is not gardening season here.  However, I have a feeling we will be reading this book a lot more come spring!  Every time we read this now, Madison wants to know when we are planting our garden!

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