Santa & Macy’s Team Together

Sometimes companies really do get it right, and Macy’s certainly has this year.  They have teamed up with Santa and the Make-A-Wish Foundation this Christmas.  At all Macy’s stores, there will be a special mailbox for your kids to drop off their letters to Santa.  For every letter collected, Macy’s will donate $1 to Make-A-Wish Foundation up to $1 million dollars.  My cousin was given a wish from the Make-A-Wish, so I truly do understand what a difference this charity can make in someones life.  This is such a good cause that I hope you all write letters this year, so such a good charity can benefit!


  1. I think this is a wonderful thing to do for less fortunate children during the holidays. I'll be sure to take my nieces and nephew to Macy's to drop off their Santa letter this year! :)

  2. that's a very thoughtful move on macy's part giving back to the community… :wink:

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  4. That's a really great promotion. My sister's boyfriend's little sister has chrones and was granted a wish when she was in middle-school.

  5. Well Kudos to Macy! I just wish that they would do this at least more than once a year.

  6. personal letters fro :

    Yes, i do agree that you are doing for a good cause and i appreciate Macy for her idea and i think each and every one should take Macy as initiative and help less fortunate children.

  7. Very, very nice. I had seen the commercial but didn't pay attention to what it was about. We have a Macy's in our mall, so we'll be dropping off letters in it for MAW.

  8. It is a wonderful project and I will surely participate, Lisa

  9. Make sure to bring a stamp. We stopped at Macy's with my grandma, so my daughter did this. We didn't have any stamps though & you need that. Just a heads up so the kiddos don't get upset.

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