Lands End Exclusive Deal!

You all know how much I love Black Friday shopping.  However, I was given some top secret information regarding Lands End!  They are having a Daily St. Nick Pick, and I know what tomorrow’s deal is.  Normally, Lands End‘s cashmere items run about $89.  Tomorrow, they will be on sale for $50!!!  Start your Black Friday shopping early and head over to Lands End tomorrow!


  1. Thanks for writing. your comment allows me to provide more information.

  2. I will be starting my Black Friday Shopping at mid-night Friday. Cant' wait.

  3. Good luck with shopping! :D

  4. Ooo, fun! I can't wait 'till every shop in the mall goes on a end-year sales. xP

  5. I got invitation of Black Fridays from DealDotCom, not pretty bad deals at all :wink:

  6. I did my Black Friday shopping midnight online. I am crazy but not crazy enough to fight all the crowds. Sounds like Lands End is running a pretty good sale!

  7. reverse phone search :

    Land End cashmere is really good,i love it.. its an occasion not to miss, $89 to $50 is a really good discount.

  8. What a GREAT price for cashmere. And Lands End always has such classic stuff.

  9. I must admit that the Black Friday shopping is totally a chaos to me! All the shoppers were overexcited and I'm quite of shocked about it…

  10. Hey, sorry to say this, but I really don't get it..What is exactly Blac friday Shopping?? I have heard of it many times.

  11. Is that deal still active?

  12. Good luck with shopping!!!!

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