Tiny Prints Valentine’s Giveaway

valentinesThis year since I have Madison and Will in classes, I need to find a Valentine’s Day cards for both of them to hand out.  With a little help from Tiny Prints, I would love you, my readers, to choose which cards we should hand out.  Now, you can pick one that can be used for Madison (5 yrs old), Will (19 months old), or one they both can use.  For all of your hard work, I have a $50 gift certificate to be selected randomly.

What I’ll need you to do head over to Tiny Prints, and check out their Valentine’s Day Cards, Valentine’s Day Cards For Kids, Valentine’s Day Invitations, or Valentine’s Day Photo Cards.  Then select a card and click “Save to Favorites” from the link with a heart graphic directly under “personalize.”  Then share why you selected that particular card in my comments.

This contest goes through January 30th and is open to everyone!

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  1. I loved baby monkey love. The image was just so adorable. It is so cool of you, Mom, to spend so much effort to help your kids do something different. Most of us, I'm sure, just run to the store and grab a box of what hits the eye first.

    Have an awesome Valentine's Day!


    PS: You've got me thinking about my own son… (5th grade)

  2. My favorite card is the Swinging Sweathearts card, which I saved to my favorites.

    Thanks and please enter me.

  3. A lot of tough choices. Some very cute cards it was very difficult deciding which way to go.

    But, I'd have to favor Monkey Love. So cute!

  4. I love the Reptile Rapture cards. My sons are really into dinosaurs right now, and they’d love to hand these out at school. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  5. Actually, the monkey one you posted really is my fave, but in the spirit of posting new cool valentines, I also really like the Wagging Tails! So darling! It's clearly useable for your older child, but for the toddler…well, you could fill out the cute little caption on the back for her pint sized friends :)

  6. All of the cards are fantastic, but I really love the Precious Postage photo card. I hadn't ever even thought of sending a photo card for Valentine's day.

  7. I saved turtle maze valentine's day card, so cute, and has a maze puzzle inside for kids to enjoy, thanks for the giveaway

  8. I selected the Swinging Sweetheart card because not only is it cute and funny but it's perfect for boys and girls. Thanks!

    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

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