Guess Who’s Sick Now

I will be writing shortly about how out trip ended up turning out.  However, I’ve been laying in bed since we got home.  After running a 102 degree fever all day yesterday and not being able to get out of bed, I finally dragged my sick butt to the closest Urgent Care tonight after Bill got done with work.  I now have been sent to bedrest for the next day or so.  I have an upper respiratory infections and a bad case of bronchitis.

I’ll be taking another day or so to get myself healthy and then I’ll be blogging again.

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  1. OMG, I hope you'll get well very soon…!

  2. Treat it seriously and have some rest, your health is a priority!

  3. I hope you feel better soon. Can't wait to hear about your trip.

  4. Hugs! I hope you get well soon.

  5. I Hope you feel better your family needs you

  6. Singapore Property :

    Thanks for notifying us for your MIA.Take good care of your health!

  7. I hope you’ll get well very soon…!

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