Anybody want my uterus?

No, seriously.  I think I’ll put it up on eBay today.  I thought my simple surgery would be, well, simple.  Instead, it’s been several days, and I keep feeling worse.  I figured life would go back to  normal after my hysteroscopy D&C.  Instead, I’m a crampy, in pain mess.  They gave me Motrin to take which is doing well nothing.  I hate whining, but I have a life to get back to, and it’s just not happening.  I have a sink full of dishes and laundry all over the place, and nobody is stepping up to do it.  Instead, I sit in the chair with my feet up or in bed and do nothing and hope that it’ll go away.

It’s before 6 am on a Saturday, and I am awake due to my cramping.  I’m crabby and emotional.  Anybody know how long I should expect this to last?

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