Crazy, crazy times

My life has been nothing but a whirlwind lately. I got to chaperone Madison’s field trip on Friday to the pumpkin farm. Easy peasy, right? Well, it ended up being around 40 degrees and pouring, so not so much fun. The kids had a blast. Mommy got chilled. We did get a free pumpkin, and we get to take the wristbands and go back for free! All in all, not too much of a loss.

I’ve been working on my Christmas gift guide over at Lisa Reviews. I did around 36 posts yesterday, so be ready for that to publish on November 1st. It’s the must haves for Christmas (and yes I did start shopping over the winter).

Lastly, that brings us to last night. Will got up every 2 hrs all night long screaming. His nose didn’t start running till this morning, so we think he’s got a cold. I’m reading about swine flu and am hoping praying that this isn’t that.  Last time he had a cold, he had a seizure, so we are all just keeping our fingers crossed here.  Of course, we have weekend plans, so I am hoping he’s better by then and nobody else gets sick.

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  1. You did 36 posts yesterday? 36?! Wow. You are a machine!

    We've had the snotterfalls around here, too, which always scares me with Big Guy's asthma. It reminded me that I trashed the humidifiers when we moved, so looks like I'm shopping today. Hope your guy feels better for the weekend – doesn't it ALWAYS happen when you have plans!

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