Redesigning your yard

That’s my goal for the next week or so. Now that we’ve done the siding, I want to pretty up the yard. We are talking about taking down one of the trees in the front of the house (the guy is coming on Wednesday to give us an estimate. We’ll see about removing said tree. LOL It’s about 90 ft tall so it’s not going to be cheap). We added a shed last winter. I’ve taken a couple of landscaping classes, so I’m hoping to make the yard look a lot better.

I also want this:

I found this at Backyard Discovery.  I want it.  It has everything I could want in a swingset.  We currently have a Step 2 playset and my kids are outgrowing that.  The things I love with this playset:

1.  It has a sandbox.  We currently have a turtle sandbox.  That’s not fitting the kids too well anymore.

2.  It has a picnic table.  The kids have their own table instead of using or patio table.  That would be awesome.

3.  A slide is a must have at our house.  My kids love slides.

4.  It also has two spots for swings.  Both my kids love to swing, so I need at least two.  This set delivers.

I don’t know anybody with one of these sets, but it looks super awesome and my kids would love this!  Actually, I’d recommend several of the playsets that I found at Backyard Discovery.  Any one of those sets would go great in my yard!

Bill’s sleeping right now, but I’ll see if I can hit him up for a new swingset in the morning.  I have a feeling he’ll say no, but I’d love to hear your ideas about where to find new playsets.

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  1. Everyday I am becoming more convinced that we as children were jipped. This thing is so cool and slick I wish I would have had it when I was growing up. I had a broken partial finished self made fort that this thing puts to shame lol.

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