Tea Party Protesters — What do you want?

I have to admit — I’m a liberal at heart .  I don’t believe that the government should govern our lives 100%, but we do need them.  With Will, we are using the Early Intervention program to help him with speech, so I’ve come to rely on them somewhat.  We use the government for our schools too (though Madison goes to private school, so the local school gets money for her even though she doesn’t go there).  With all that being said, I just don’t get the tea party protesters.

First, they claim taxes are too high.  Obama cut taxes for 98% of families.

Next, they claim that 47% of Americans paid no federal income taxes this year.  However, they didn’t take into acct this includes college students, senior citizens on fixes income, or working families with children.  All of these classes receive deductions that “pro family” conservatives support.  Of course, they ignore that many large corporations pay little or no income taxes at all.  (I want their lawyers for when I do my taxes).  There is also small business deductions that can be taken too (talk to the governor candidate Bill Brady here in IL on that one).

Next, they preach against “socialism”.  They claim they want smaller government.  Okay, then I guess we need to get rid of Social Security and Medicare — the two biggest drains on the federal government.  Oh wait, they want to keep those.

They are against government spending unless it involves Bush’s Iraq War, the bailouts, and the Medicare prescription drug mess.

I’m confused.  They want something for nothing and don’t want to pay for it.  Do I have that right?

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