Wordless Wednesday: Flash Flood Camping Style

These pictures were taken as the flash flood was dying done.  I was too busy holding my tent up in the air when it was at its worst.


  1. Looks like a soggy campout. Thanks for linking up on this ww!

  2. Oh, no! Not the best way to camp. I hope you got everything all dried out.

  3. This would ruin anyone's summer fun. The weather is so unpredictable.

  4. OH NO!!!! I have been caught out like this as well, so I have complete sympathy for you! Great shots! Mine is up as well at aussiepomm!

    Have a great WW!!

  5. It is too bad when that happens at a camp out. I have been through it. Camping is such fun.

  6. Exactly why I don't go camping.

  7. Were you camping near me? My yard looks like that too!

  8. And Miles To Go.... :

    hope you still had a good time.

  9. Now that why I like trailers…To much Water in the tent for me. Hope you still had a great time.

    My Wednesday Link for you

  10. Hope you were able to enjoy your campout despite the water.

  11. Oh no. There is nothing worse than a wet tent. Hopefully you still found a way to have a great time and stay dry!


  12. Flood indeed!

  13. Oh that sucks… I remember a week of rainy camping once… we finally gave up and as soon as we peeked out of the woods on our way back to the car, the sun came out! DOH!

  14. Oh NO!!! I hope it wasn't like that for the whole entire trip!

  15. Oh no! I hope all that water didn't ruin your fun.

  16. Blimey that is a downpour….That doesn't look like much fun…I don't mind the rain though

  17. Sorry I'm so late in getting around to visiting those that signed my linky last week. Busy summer I guess. :)

    Been there done that with the flooded camping. It can be fun and not so much fun all together. I think it depends on if you're a child or an adult. :)

  18. Never go camping in rain..

  19. I took my wife camping when we were first going out together. Fortunately I woke up in the shallow end. She still married me and now we have a great story to tell.

  20. I think flooded camping can be fun at times depending on your mood. However for me, it is not appealing haha I still choose to camp on dry ground, cleaner, safer, less mosquitoes too. And worse, I think water attracts snakes and that's a big no no for me. So, no flooded camping for me ever :)

  21. WOW… what a nightmare. I guess its better to camp on higher ground. Hope it wasn't like that inside the tent as well.

  22. Damn … Not the best way to camp.

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