The Zhu Zhu Pets Are Coming! The Zhu Zhu Are Coming!

Madison and I had an awesome party weekend!  We had a Zhu Zhu Pets party for all her friends!  Here’s the invasion we had in our yard:

We were invited to have a Zhu Zhu Pets Wild Bunch party and the kids had a great time:

As you can see, we played lots of fun games and the kids got to try out and play with the Zhu Zhu Pets.  The kids kept trying to hide them under their arms, so they could get the ones the wanted!  It was pretty cute.  I have to say that the Zhu Zhu Pets are still pretty popular and little girls love them!  You should have a Zhu Zhu pet invasion at your house too!


  1. I picked up a few Zhu Zhu pets at BlogHer for presents for my little cousins – hopefully they still hold the same excitement as they did last year! Those little buggers were all over the house. :lol:

  2. Someone in my house loves Zhu Zhu pets, but doesn't like me to tell people about it. I think they're awful cute too.

    The party looks like so much fun!

  3. Xander decided recently that he would like a Zhu Zhu pet. Hey, as long as I don't have to feed it I say sure! lol …

  4. Cute video! I had fun watching it. Reminds me of The Chipmunks LOL :grin: :lol: :lol:

  5. Why i cannot see all images?
    My girls loved zhu zhu pets too. Yesterday i just bought some zhu zhu pets for her.
    She is so excited.

  6. wow thats awesome …………..

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