Disney On Ice presents Disney Pixar’s Toy Story 3

Here’s a coloring page for all you Toy Story 3 fans!

Who is your favorite Toy Story 3 character? Mine isn’t one listed above. For me, it’s either the Barbie/Ken couple or Mr. Pricklepants. Both were awesome in Toy Story 3. I wonder if either will be in the Disney on Ice show. My kids loved the monkey!

Hopefully we’ll see you at the show either in Rosemont or at the United Center!


  1. Um let me think.. My favorite would be the one that occupies my kid for hours. They will pretend any existing toy is a toy from toy story. My 2 year old did get lucky with a Buzz and Woody from family for Christmas.

  2. I love toy story ……..all of them ….

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