Telephone: You Tube Style

This is the game of telephone using You Tube’s closed captioning. It is super funny. The best is when you turn the closed captioning on while you watch this and watch it work its magic again.

What’s your favorite caption?


  1. My favorite si no.3!

  2. I love this sketch and I've got a YouTube account "" so I'll try it with a few of my own videos. I can see this catching on for writers or comedians who need some inspiration for ideas.

  3. lol..funny… got close but speech recognition is always a fuzzy technology to perfect.

  4. No 2 is my favorite.

  5. That was hilarious…and confusing :)

  6. Hey its really funny..

    i like it

  7. That's so funny, what an interesting and fun concept! it seems the computer couldn't recognize too many correct words.

  8. No 2 is awesome ……..

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