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As some of you may have noticed, I’ve changed my template.  Again.  I got bored after a while.  Plus, the other template was broken in some browsers and some other places too.

Now, I’d love to know your thoughts on this new template.  I also would love to know if you see anything looking funky, not working correctly, etc.  I think we’ve got most of it fixed, but somebody usually finds something.  ;)

(PS I know that the buttons up there on these posts don’t work.  It has something to do with the page being coded in php but the buttons are html.  If anybody knows how to fix that, please let me know!)

Happy viewing!


  1. Looks ok to me, but I haven't clicked on any links.

  2. Your site does load a lot quicker for me, now. Looks good, too. : D

  3. Cuteness! Love the heading!

  4. it's cute, but…it doesnt really say what youre about. and there arent the right number of children. but YAY to loading quicker!

  5. I love it – looks good to me and it loaded very fast.

  6. Super cute! :)

  7. Kelli @ 3 Boys and a :

    Looks good! :-)

  8. Looks great and the page loaded fast. I dont know anything about php vs html so Im no help there sorry. Hope you can get it working.

  9. I like it! It's really fun and the layout is user friendly!

  10. I really like your new design! I'm always changing mine except for the header.

  11. its pretty good it loaded very fast ……… is awesome ………

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