Wordless Wednesday: Accordian


  1. Meghan Cooper :

    How sweet, looks hard to learn!

  2. I have always wanted to try to play an accordion.

  3. Cute!! Did she ask for lessons or is it a family tradition or something?


  4. I love it! She looks like she is loving it!

  5. That's a really cool accordion.. I remember playing one when I was about her age.

  6. Very cool. Cute picture.

  7. Lauren @ Hobo Mama & :

    That's so cool! She looks like a natural. My grandma had one, and my cousin learned to play.

    Visiting from Hobo Mama and Natural Parents Network!

  8. Aww! Haha! It's as big as she is! Too cute!

  9. I remember someone bringing one of these to school so all of us kids could try it growing up. Very hard to hold. Happy WW!

  10. Wonderful instrument! So cute!

  11. Great picture!

  12. http://www.grandmasezso.com
    I have not seen or heard someone play an accordian for years. My Dad used to play one. I always loved the sound.

  13. I have never seen a subscribe by Kindle button before. I don't have a Kindle but I'm pretty amazed.

  14. awesome!

  15. Russ aka Grampy :

    Who is teaching who?LOL She is adorable.

  16. LOL! That looks like fun!

  17. Thank you for hosting the Wordless Wednesday linkup. I recently went to a local concert where a man played old gypsy music on an accordian, very fun and the kids couldn't stop dancing.

  18. as someone who actually took accordion lessons, I feel her pain…lol

  19. What a fun instrument to learn to play!

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  21. How cute! I'm not sure I'd be coordinated enough to play one. :)

  22. Kelli @ 3 Boys and a :

    Oh how fun!!

  23. Hahaha – My mother gave my brother an accordian for christmas last year (he's 30). He was too intimidated to even attempt. I tried it, but failed miserably. Best of luck!

    - Mark S.

  24. Visiting from Natural Parents Network!

    WOW!!! That is a rare talent ;) Looks pretty heavy, she's a trooper!

  25. How adorable!

  26. That's so cute. Good for her!

  27. oh neat!

  28. Awwwww :) My boys have a small red accordion that they got from Cracker Barrel. They can't play it but they love trying.

  29. wow! i haven't seen one of those in probably 15 years! do you know the singer Sufjan Stevens? he used to have a band while we were in college (called "marzuki" after his brother) and he played the accordian, recorder, triangle, and all sorts of fun instruments. :)

  30. There's nothing like bonding with Grandma! What a great way to get them together.

  31. Wow, thanks for the blast from the past……

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