SodaStream Review

Every so often I come across a product that I can’t wait to try. SodaStream is that product for me. If you know me in real life, you know that I am a Diet Coke addict. Specifically, Diet Coke in a can is my drink of choice. So needless to say, I was a little hesitant the first time I saw SodaStream in action. I thought (wrongly) that there was no way that this could be anywhere near as good as my Diet Coke in a can. No way. However, I sat through a demonstration somewhat like this (Yes, Madison and I made this video together when nobody else was home):

I thought: “Hmmmm . . . . how easy is this?” Then when I found out that one bottle flavoring equals 33 cans, I was intrigued. When I found out that a bottle of flavoring was $5 at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, I was sold (considering a case of soda of 24 cans will run you $8 here). However, it came down to taste. If I didn’t like it, it didn’t matter how much cheaper this would be. That’s what surprised me the most — if I didn’t know that this wasn’t Diet Coke out of a can, I never would have guessed. Crazy, isn’t it? Even more crazy? They have over 100 flavors. There is definitely a flavor for everyone. We’ve also tried the lemon lime, orange, and root beer. They were all excellent.

Now, you can see from the video how easy it is to use the SodaStream. Madison (my seven year old) could make herself soda with this. First, you fill the bottle that came with the SodaStream with tap water. Yes, tap water. Then, you put it into the SodaStream machine and hit that top button until it buzzes about 3 times. The more it buzzes, the more carbonation your soda will have. I like around 4-5 buzzes myself. (Now, Madison was doing short bursts which take longer. If you do longer bursts by holding the button down longer, you don’t have to press the button as much). Once you have the perfect amount of carbonation, you unscrew it from the SodaStream machine, and then add the flavor. You can then either shake it (which is what my daughter and husband like to do) or you can turn it upside down a couple of times (which is what I do). Now, you are done! It really is that easy!

I can only recommend that SodaStream. It is super easy to use. It tastes like the soda you know and love. It also has less sodium and calories than your traditional soda. What else could you ask for?


  1. Lyn says

    Lisa, do you know if it can make mixers like Club Soda or Tonic Water? If so, these would be great to have for a party too.

    • Lisa says

      @Lyn, Right now, I have orange, root beer, diet cola, and lemon lime in my fridge. Definitely something for everyone. :) I haven't bought a can of soda since I got my SodaStream!

  2. says

    I've read lots of reviews on this and it always sounds like something my family would like, though in the last year we have significantly cut down on our soda consumption, it would be nice to make our own when we wanted it.

    • Lisa says

      @ConnieFoggles, It is really easy to use! That's why I figured having Madison so a demo was the best way to show that. :)

  3. Kevin says

    The cost of the carbonation refills are what's overlooked. One refill costs ~$25 and makes ~60 liters, which requires another $25 worth of flavor to make 60 liters of their diet soda. In all, for every 60 liters, these machines cost the consumer slightly MORE (~$50) than buying sodas in the store, especially if you get them on sale. (This doesn't include the cost of the machine itself, either.) This machine is great for those who want to be "green" and get aspartame out of their diets, but it doesn't save anyone any money.

    • Lisa says

      @Kevin, Actually a refill is only $15 as long as you bring in your spent container. You got me thinking though and using the costs here in Chicago (and a 24 case of soda rarely goes on sale), a can of soda is .37 whereas the same amount of soda stream will cost me .19 (I added in the cost of flavoring and O2.)

      For my family, it works great and I'm actually seeing a cost savings. Plus, I am able to control how much syrup that is going in and have been working to lessen the amount of syrup (which in turn will lower my cost).

  4. Kevin says

    $15? That's odd. In Miami, FL (and everywhere else I've read of), the canisters are ~$25 wherever you go, and that's with the empty in hand…

    • Lisa says

      @Kevin, I've replaced a canister already at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. The refill was only $15. (It was $25 for a brand new one without having the refill). I do agree that it's strange that's it is more by you.

  5. Michelle says

    any one have trouble with their soda stream? Mine exploded last night when my husband was carbonating a bottle of water for me. Shot the top right off the machine. And it is out of warranty!

    • Polyvista says

      Same thing happened to me a few weeks ago after only 3 presses of the button. A slightly cut hand resulted and the whole machine disintegrated into a hundred pieces, the top denting the ceiling! Sodastream seemed to suggest that the carbonating bottle might be out of date. My considered opinion is that the safety valve failed and even a new bottle would have burst! Quite dangerous!

      • katherine says

        @Polyvista, I contacted the consumer product safety commission. Mine exploded so violently I have cuts all up my arm and the shards entered my stomach and severly bruised my belly. It sent me to the hospital and 2 subsiquent doctor visits. My shirt was drenched in blood. I'm telling you, this thing is DANGEROUS! What happened to me could have killed or blinded a child. Personally I am considering a class action law suit.

        • Margaret says

          Our brand new soda stream exploded on me the first time ever using it. I only pressed the button for about 2 seconds when it exploded sending the bottle off like a rocket and breaking off the bottom. It was terrifying! I called customer service at Sodastream and they are readily willing to send out a new one, however, I have lost any interest in this very dangerous machine. I don’t think I could trust that it wouldn’t happen again.

      • Annemarie says

        Mine exploded on Sunday and bruised my entire left hand. has anyone call the company? What do they do? My 3 year old son like to push the button. i am glad he was sleeping when this happened.

        • Denise says

          @Annemarie, DD Ours exploded Sat on my husband, cut his hand, we believe the relief valve failed, we are worried it would hurt our son, or any of us in the eyes with the flying pieces! what r people doing about this?

        • Carrie says

          @Annemarie, wow.. This is incredible to hear. Our machine exploded on our 15 year old daughter yesterday. Maybe the relief valve was faulty as well. She is in the hospital as I am writing this and had to have surgery on her hand because it severely lacerated her hand and damaged muscles. Doctors said she is very lucky there is not severe nerve or arterial damage. This will be a 3 month healing process with therapy to get normal range of motion in her thumb/hand. The bottle exploded into a thousand pieces, my house looked like a crime scene it was so bad! This is definetly not something children should use and not worth the risk involved… I will definitely be reporting this. It does not seem like just a freak accident hearing many others have experienced issues!!!!

          • DC says

            My wife’s just blew up on her today as well. Shards of plastic everywhere. It was so violent that it blew the plastic bottom off the bottle. This one is gone for us. That is so dangerous.

  6. Michael says

    Our's just exploded blowing the bottom of the bottle out and the top assembly into my wife's hand. Based on the water on, and gouge in, the ceiling we are lucky it did not hit her, or our children, in the face.

    That was our last one…beware

      • Lisa Wallis says

        @katherine, Mine shot all over the place last night after 3 presses for gas the bottom of the bottle flew out along with the top of the machine it went off like a bomb I have contacted soda stream now awaiting a responsible response but if not received i think of going to watch dog uk?? I usually let my 2 year old son pree the button it could have blinded him last night.

        • Barry says

          @Lisa Wallis,
          I had exactly the same experience. One push of the button and the bottle exploded, destroying the machine and severely bruising my hand that was holding the bottle. Plastic shards and water all over the kitchen!
          And broken bits of SodaStream.
          SodaStream haven't been very interested. Glad the 10 year old twin girls weren't operating it at the time, as often (WAS) the case!

  7. Barry says

    I purchased the Penquin machine and am very happy with the seltzer. However, I found that I could only get 34 liters out of a cartridge, not the 60 they claim. Since seltzer is 40c/liter by me, that makes the cartridge a couple of dollars more than the store-bought. I'm happy with the seltzer, happy with not have to carry the bottles, but I don't know how they can claim I'll save money with their machine. I wrote to them about it, but they never responded.

  8. Barberry says

    This product is CRAP. You have to admit that the fizz doesn't really last. You have to drink it right away. The usual soda sold by the soda companies does last a LOT longer than this product. I felt like i had to chug it down fast so i don't lose the fizz. wast of money.

    • Lisa says

      @Barberry, I personally have had an orange soda last almost 3 weeks in the fridge.

      Once poured, it is just like any soda you get — you will lose the fizz if you let it sit. I have that same problem with a 2 liter from the grocery store.

  9. katherine says

    Mine exploded last night and I ended up in the hospital with multiple cuts and bruises. Some pieces flew 20 feet! Can't use my right hand today. If it had been my child it would have blown in his face. Stay away!

  10. Lisa Wallis says

    My soda stream has just exploded during my husbands third push of the button bits flew all over the kitchen at some force,the bottom of the bottle also flew off do you think this is a product fault?
    What is every one doing about there exploding soda stream? My husbands hand is all cut and very bruised. If my two year old son had been waiting for the fizzy in the kitchen I fear what damage it could have done to him.

    • katherine says

      @Lisa Wallis, I wish you had read my post first. Please contact the consumer product safety commission. THEY CAN get this weapon taken off the market. The black bruise on my stomach (one of them) is the size of a salad plate!

      • Lisa Wallis says

        @katherine, just an update soda stream have collected my faulty machine and are conducting tests on it should get results in 2-4 weeks so will keep you posted with the out come and there next course of action!

  11. John Jenkins says

    SodaStream collected the bits from my exploded machine and reported to me that the Carbonating Bottle had failed, possibly because it was out of date. However, I do not agree with their findings! As a research scientist used to dealing with high pressure equipment, I know that my SodaStream explosion was much more violent than just a bottle burst at normal carbonating pressure of a few Bars. My machine was quite old and I believe that the Safety Relief Valve got stuck and failed to limit the pressure applied to the Carbonating Bottle. I believe that even a new bottle would have burst when pressure approaching CO2 cylinder pressure (very roughly 30 Bar or so, depending on temperature) was applied. I do believe SodaStream when they say such an event is very rare, and it has not put me off using a SodaStream machine. I believe that a towel placed over the machine when pressing the button would be a good safety measure.

    • Lisa Wallis says

      @John Jenkins, My soda stream was only 6 months old so I hoping they don't try and fob me off with some excuse! The gas container was the one sold with the machine and also the bottles had a a date to 2013 so who knows what they will find, so far tho they have been very apologetic but keep reminding me their products are VERY SAFE to use and this case is very rare……..

    • MB says

      @Lisa, we received our sodastream as a Christmas gift a couple months ago, we were on our third canister, it exploded this morning… we purchased the canister from bed bath and beyond. I'm thankful I was the one it exploded on (the top popped off and the aluminum casing is bowing out) and not one of the kids.

  12. Ryan says

    My 2 year old machine and bottle just exploded. Shot the bottom out of the bottle and sent the top bit into flying parts.

  13. kate says

    I continue to receive notice that more and more are exploding. I contacted the Consumer product Safety commission. I would urge all to do the same. I have also contacted an attorney. I am permanently scared on my abdomen. I am thinking of starting a facebook page for all of those who have had the explosion happen to them.

    • says

      @kate, Hi Kate I am sorry to hear about your accident with this horrible machine. The machine violently exploded on my 15 year old daughter this past weekend. She was hospitalized, had surgery and was very fortunate it wasn't worse then it is. She has severe muscle damage ( a deep laceration ) on her hand and this will be a long process of therapy to get range of motion in her thumb and hand. A very horrific and traumatic experience for all of us. It was literally like a huge bomb. My kitchen looked like a crime scene it was so bad. This product is not safe and is not worth the risk of what could happen. I believe the release valve must of malfunctioned. We will be following up with whatever means we have to, to make sure the company makes this product safer or it is taken off the market. Please continue to tell everyone you know to not take the risk of using it. Please let me know your Facebook page, I would love to advocate with you.

      • Kaylee says

        Hi mine Just exploded had to get multiple stitches to my right hand I am still in shock. This is not okay

  14. Fred says

    Mine exploded this morning, no injuries, but root beer colored water all over the kitchen and my clothes. This product is dangerous and should be taken off the market.

    • katherine says

      @Fred, I urge you to report it to the
      consumer Product Safety Commission. It only takes a minute.
      I have just started a facebook page
      exploding sodastream machine forum. All are welcome. Unfortunatly this is happening quite a bit.

  15. John Jenkins says

    Dear Lisa,
    I note that there have been several more Sodastream explosions since mine. As I have advised previously it is prudent to put a towel over the top of the machine when gassing to prevent missiles escaping in the remote event of a relief valve failure and machine disintegration. Regarding Root Beer all over the kitchen, the concentrate most definitely must only be added AFTER GASSING. The stickiness of concentrate spread inside the machine could jam up the relief valve and make explosion much more likely. I believe the Sodastream instructions say concentrate must only be added after gassing.

    John Jenkins

  16. Denise says

    w/John Jenkins: i posted above ours exploding on my husband, we 'know' the relief valve failed 'because we did not HEAR' the sound. We didn't expect damage, but after talking to the company, and REREADING the owners manual, it absolutely talks about NOT adding ANYTHING but water when pressurizing, AND it says pull the bottle forward before unscrewing *****Now this is where they SHOULD have said 'to allow relief of some pressure so as to prevent dangerous explosions!!!!*** but it does say that….The company bent over backwards, and replaced ours with a model more expensive, but one that is enclosed completely when pressurizing, and again you can HEAR when the pressure releases…if it doesn't make that sound, John has a good option w/towel….I think there is something wrong with the relief valves, but people, we are getting in a hurry when we don't 'thoroughly' read the instructions before use, and Yes, sodastream should make a BOLDER SAFETY STATEMENT ON THIS! (We skimmed the instructions on Christmas as like most, we were anxious to see if it worked)..

  17. Mae says


    Mine just blew upon my face after one push! We have CCTV at home. You can see me freaking out! I searched on the net and found this.


  18. Kate says

    @Mae, Please report to the consumer product safety commission. I think this is the only way to get this thing legally banned in the us. I encourage anyone to also visit my Facebook page, "exploding SodaStream machine forum". I think having a central place for folks to talk will be helpful.
    So please share your story there also.

  19. Ben says

    Stopped drinking sodas about a year ago , lost about 20 LBS without even trying to diet, there's no way I'm buying this product!

  20. joywilloughby says

    i got my sodastream for christmas i was using it the other day and mine blew up like a bomb. the top blew up and the bottle blew down as i was twisting it off the machine i only used 3 buzzs. i was holding on to the bottle when it went off i went to the er and i have very bad brusing inside my hand and my index finger wont straitin out. it burned my hand and i have horrible pain in the bones of my hand and arm. i would like to be apart of the class action suit if there is one. im joy suzanne willoughby on face book

    • jennifer says

      Dangerous product! Our soda stream maker blew up on my 11 yr old son this weekend! It sent sharp plastic flying, water everywhere and a huge blast in my kitchen. It scared us to death. It was only on the 3rd pump! I have done research and now see this has happenned alot. They need to fix this problem or at least put better warnings on the box. THe bottle did not expire until 2015 and it was a new carbonator. Stay clear

  21. joy willoughby says

    i could never find the other forum for getting a class action lawsuit going so i sat up one ” sodastream exploding forum” i really want to get this class action suit going! anyone with me join!! lets get this off the market so no one else gets hurt

    • Upmanu Lall says

      i got one as a gift xmas 2011 but it sat in the basement till this xmas when we tried it once
      it worked fine
      today i used it for the 3nd time — water only
      and it blew up on the 1st push
      pieces of plastic etc
      looks scary

  22. Mary says

    Our Sodastream Genesis, purchased Oct 2011, has exploded twice recently. Each time, the bottle began to unscrew with each carbonating pump. We didn’t notice it, so the next pump sent the bottle flying off the machine, spraying water everywhere. Yesterday’s explosion was so violent that it jammed the machine’s screw-in/aerator mechanism, permanently disabling the device. No one was hurt, but after reading reports of explosions here and elsewhere, we decided not to replace it, even though it’s under warranty. I did, however, report the incidents to Sodastream. The rep was quite surprised that I’d read about many explosions and that I didn’t want a replacement. She asked if my bottles have expired — they won’t till next year — and she added that bottles older than two years shouldn’t be used, even if they haven’t expired. I quickly reminded her that there’s nothing about that in the instructions! I’m sending my busted machine back to Sodastream, so the engineers can autopsy it, but it’s back to store-bought seltzer water for this household.

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