Wordless Wednesday: The Lawnmower Accident

Bill thought it would be a great idea to mow the lawn when my family was here.  My sister had her car parked in the front of the house, and the  lawn mower shot a rock out and this is what happened:

$300 later and it’s all fixed. Of course, they had to drive home like this for 4 hours.


    • I wouldn't have been half as irritated if he just would have stopped when I asked him too. Instead, he kept mowing and this happened.

  1. You sure do have to watch the lawn mowers. My wife would mow the lawn every once in awhile. I would tell her to mow away from the house. She felt different. There goes another window.

  2. Oh nooo!!! I'm glad no one was hurt. I had a big rock crack my windshield a few months ago, and had to have it replaced. Fun fun. LOL Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Oh crap! I'm glad they were able to get it fixed quickly. That happened to my brother once…only it was his sliding glass doors on his house. What a mess that was!

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