Wordless Wednesday: Yes, That’s My Foot By My Nose!

Honestly, I’m not sure how this is comfortable at all.  And to sleep like this!!!!


  1. Ouch…That looks painful! Cute shot though ;)

  2. :lol:

    I've woken up in that position. Still. At nearly 30. I'm in pain, though, until my legs completely wake up ;)

  3. WOW! That's what I call flexible.

  4. Cristi Comes :


  5. Oh my gosh! The foot!! :) It took me a second!! To think, we were once that flexible…


  6. Seriously, how is that even possible?! LOL

  7. Barefoot Mahala w/li :

    Happy WW to Mr Flexible!

  8. WOW is all I can say! Kids sleep in the strnagest positions, lol

    Thanks for linking up w/me – hope to see you again next week

  9. I can't even comprehend how to get into that position. Ah to be young and flexible :)

  10. Very odd position, but there is something so soothing about a sleeping child!

  11. i just took a very similar photo last night :)

  12. That looks uncomfortable, never seen anyone sleep like that:)

  13. That's remarkable!

  14. Oh to be that flexible (and that young again haha!) Thanks for stopping by my blog and linking up!


  15. Wow how did his foot get in there hahaha. Cute! I tried to link up but couldn't find the add link button. Please link up on mine. Thanks! http://aimee-girltalk.blogspot.com/2011/05/wordle

  16. Wow! That's amazing!

  17. Kaeli Hines :

    Stopping by for Wordless Wednesday

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  18. Cathy - Sugar Shop S :

    How'd he??

  19. That is hilarious. I don't even want to know how to get into that position. :) (new follower from WW)

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