Wordless Wednesday: Trunk Or Treat

Madison’s school has Trunk Or Treat. What happens is that the parents decorate their cars and hand out treats. This is what it looks like:


  1. This is awesome! I have been to a trunk or treat once or twice but none were so creative!

  2. Interesting concept. Hadn't heard of this til this year.

  3. I love that idea!

  4. Awesome! Wish we had such fun events over here in the UK!

  5. Very creative ideas! Looks like fun.

  6. How fun! Our city did a trunk or treat but we were hosting a party at the time and missed it.

  7. I Love the trunk decorations! Thanks for linking up at Momma T and Baby E =)

  8. How cool is that! Love it. We have several churches around here do trunk or treat but I totally love that your school does it, and has parent involvement. How nice. Thanks for linking up at the Zoo today.

  9. Trick or treat tailgate! Fun & Funky! thanks for sharing & have a fun WW….

  10. Sweet photo. It took a while for this page to load. Looking at the title, I thought of an elephant costume and it's trunk so once loaded it was a sweet surprise!

  11. That is so clever! I would have loved to participate in that. I will definitely suggest the idea to my kid's school in the future.

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