Trop50 True Resolutions – $25 Giveaway!

With 2011 coming to a close, it is time to get ready to get real in 2012 starting with your real New Year Resolutions. I know I have several myself!

One of my New Years Resolutions will be to lose weight. Not only do I have my brother in laws wedding in September, but I want to do it for me. Through some networking I’ve done in 2011, I had an opportunity I couldn’t turn down happen to help make this goal happen for me (I know, not a lot of information there, but there will definitely be some blog posts in the future describing exactly what this all means!). I am setting myself up for success this year!

Another resolution we have as a family is to save money. I swear everything broke down in 2011. I had to replace the tires on both our vehicles and my van had several costly repairs. We still don’t have the air working yet in there either. The house also probably needs a new central air unit too. (That money will be coming out of our tax return). We are hoping that all the big expenses are out of the way and we can start saving more. In the fall, we’ll have 2 kids in Catholic school, so we need every cent!

Another resolution will be to travel more! Bill and I are in the process of planning a trip to New York (and yes, we are driving 12 – 14 hours with two kids. Please, remind me why this is a good idea!!!).

Trop50 True Resolutions celebrates the real reasons behind New Year’s resolutions. Share your secret motivation behind your resolutions and you’ll earn a coupon for $1 off Trop50 for yourself and 50¢ off coupons for up to 50 of your friends! You can even submit incognito with a fierce disguise. Bonus: Whether you submit a resolution or not, you can also enter a sweepstakes to win a $1000 gift card.  The best part is that my family loves Trop50!  Tropicana Trop50 offers fruit juice goodness with 50 percent less sugar and calories, and no artificial sweeteners.  Best of all, it tastes great!
Now, since I love Trop50 and it’s New Year’s Eve, I have arranged for 1 of my readers to win a $25 Visa Gift card.  I have also arranged for 5 other readers to win a coupon for free Trop50 (each coupon = one free bottle of Trop50).  Here’s what you need to do:

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  1. my new year's resolution is to make 4 dinner a week from scratch at home!

  2. I commented on your December 27th Wordless Wednesday post!

    Happy new year!!

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    Wow! Very encouraging post! I love all your ideas about how to set things right for 2012. It is very true that nothing is too late for change or resolution for our New Year! Great Content and writing. Happy New year!

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    Like myself, Honestly, I got so many flaws in 2011 which resulted to many failures but today is the time to set a goal again with vision to succeed especially with career and family matters as this is the crucial thing for us if not the vital. Thanks for your insightful ideas. I really appreciate it.

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  8. to lose my baby weight!

  9. Mine is to get in better shape.

  10. I want to lose weight and eat better food.

  11. I will quit smoking cigarettes. Will go to the gym regularly and control my temper.

  12. Ashley Hatten :

    I blogged the giveaway today

    Happy New year!

  13. My resolution is to lose my pregnancy weight.

  14. lose 20 pounds

  15. To go to the gym at least once a week.

  16. to organize my cabinets and closets.

  17. Stop being so stingy with money!

  18. Cindy Merrill :

    Power outages have been occuring more frequently in our area- my New Year's resolution is to buy some emergency essentials.

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  20. eat smaller portions

  21. This year I intend to organize everything I’m doing and find a better time management program. Happy 2012!

  22. To get my house ready for our next military move

  23. Michelle Wong :

    my new year resolution is to get in better shape.

  24. my new years resolution is to get my finances under control.

    danielle b


  25. Lower my blood pressure through diet and exercise

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  28. My resolution is to tone up.

  29. lose weight

  30. im going to loose the baby wight this year !

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  36. Barbara Montag :

    Resolution – take a Yoga class.

    Thank you.

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  40. Lose weight

  41. To finish quitting smoking.

  42. My resolution is to finally take action on the things I've been planning for too long!

  43. My new years resolution is to stop making new years resolutions every year because whenever i fail one It will took another new year to stop myself from doing the stuff i hate about myself. I will instead think that every morning is the first day of the year so that i can change myself without relying to certain dates of the year. I really want to stop smoking and my approach to battle this is to pray hard.

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  45. Barbara Montag :
  46. Nicole Larsen :

    To lose 50 lbs! I just started Nutrisystem!

  47. To eat healthier and lose weight

  48. Thomas Gibson :

    My New Years resolution is to eat healthier and lose weight.

  49. My resolution is to have 5 vegetarian meals a week.

  50. To become proactive instead of reactive to life! :)

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  52. No new years resolution for me…just a gradual change towards improvement.

  53. Carole Spring :

    I resolved to give up drinking soda – so far I am doing well with that resolution.


  54. christina moore :

    Try to save more money

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  56. I would like to organize the spare bedroom!

  57. To lose 20 pounds

  58. Claudia Neault Hubka :

    Trop50 good juice….

  59. Valerie Taylor Mabre :

    lose weight again and actually change my habits

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  60. My New Years Resolution is to eat healthier and exercise more.

  61. My resolution is to better at using coupons and shopping sales.

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  64. Mine is to go to the gym more.

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  67. to reduce my debt :) thanks

  68. Kerrie Mayans :

    My resolution is to spend more individual time with each of my kids each week.

  69. julie hawkins :

    My resolution is to get more sleep!

  70. Thanks for the giveaway!

  71. Be more active.

  72. Brenda Gaines :

    lose weight

  73. cassandra (rab pom) :

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  74. My new year's resolution is to save money.

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  77. Michelle Spayde :

    I don't make New Year's resolutions

  78. shirley pebbles :

    I want to learn to speak spanish this year.

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  79. shirley pebbles :
  80. I'd like to get my dissertation proposal accepted and a first draft up and running.

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