#NSNation Update – Week 1

I’ve been on Nutrisystem for about a week. I’ve had good days — I’ve had bad days but I stuck it out (even when my kids got McDonalds and popcorn and cotton candy). Now, I lost almost 4 lbs from the time I ordered my Nutrisytem food to when I actually got the food and got to start the system. So I lost 4 pounds without even trying! (If it could only we that easy all the time!!) Now, from last Monday to this Monday (while eating the Nutrisystem food), I have managed to lose an additional 4.2 pounds! Not bad for a week.

I should be happy about that. However, I know that this is a long process and that I won’t lose that much this week. I’m figuring most of that is just water weight. Things I need to do better this coming week is to add exercise to my routine and drink a lot more water.

The #1 question I have gotten this week from people wondering about my journey is how is the food. Honestly, it is pretty good. That really surprised me. I thought I’d hate the protein shake. It’s not too bad (a tad rich). I have learned that my stomach does not understand correct portion sizing though. In the past, I would have eaten 2 of the meals as one meal, so my stomach has a learning curve too. LOL

The other really hard part of Nutrisystem is that I still have to cook for the rest of my family. It is sometimes hard to watch them eat something you love. That being said, there is a lot of the Nutrisytem Food that you can match. For example, my kids and husband ate hamburgers the other night. There is a hamburger meal for you. On Friday night, the kids had pizza. Nutrisytem actually has several pizzas you can pick from (which is good because I love pizza).

So how do you think I’m doing on Nutrisystem?


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