How Is That Nutrisytem Food? – #NSNation Week 3 Update

The number one question I get from people when they find out I am using Nutrisytem is:  How is the Nutrisystem food?  Now, if you expect that the Nutrisystem food is going to taste like something you made by hand, you may be disappointed.  That being said, I knew this was prepackaged food.  I happen to like easy to make prepackaged food, so I have been plenty surprised.  Also, Nutrisystem has a frozen foods line too.  I highly recommend trying the french toast!

I think the food is great.  How many diets can you be on and eat a chocolate muffin for breakfast?  None, that I know of.  The chocolate muffin has to be my favorite breakfast food.  (You are going to find I like chocolate as I list some of my favorite foods.  LOL).  I get the chocolate protein shakes also.  I was expecting it to be gross.  However, it takes like a chocolate shake.  A good one at that.  :)  Now, for lunch, I am loving the chicken noodle soup.  It’s cold here in Chicago, and it just hits the spot.  The Cheese tortellini is pretty good too.  For supper, I absolutely loved the pizzas.  Yes, you get to have pizza!  There is the flatbread pizza and the thick crust pizza.  It’s your own personal pan pizza, and I love them!  Your dessert choices are pretty awesome too:  popcorn, chocolate pudding, chocolate cake (my favorite!), chocolate brownie, etc.  Yes, you get to eat dessert!

I am a picky eater.  I love that with the Nutrisystem plan I get to pick what I want to eat.  I have found a ton of food that I love.  I mean seriously, I can have chocolate and pizza!  What more could I want?

As far as my weekly update, I am happy to report that I have lost another 2.2 pounds.  I am adding more exercise into my schedule (even though I find it hard to do, I am trying to make myself do it).  I also am trying to drink more water, but that seems to be my biggest struggle.


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