How Is That Nutrisytem Food? – #NSNation Week 3 Update

The number one question I get from people when they find out I am using Nutrisytem is:  How is the Nutrisystem food?  Now, if you expect that the Nutrisystem food is going to taste like something you made by hand, you may be disappointed.  That being said, I knew this was prepackaged food.  I happen to like easy to make prepackaged food, so I have been plenty surprised.  Also, Nutrisystem has a frozen foods line too.  I highly recommend trying the french toast!

I think the food is great.  How many diets can you be on and eat a chocolate muffin for breakfast?  None, that I know of.  The chocolate muffin has to be my favorite breakfast food.  (You are going to find I like chocolate as I list some of my favorite foods.  LOL).  I get the chocolate protein shakes also.  I was expecting it to be gross.  However, it takes like a chocolate shake.  A good one at that.  :)  Now, for lunch, I am loving the chicken noodle soup.  It’s cold here in Chicago, and it just hits the spot.  The Cheese tortellini is pretty good too.  For supper, I absolutely loved the pizzas.  Yes, you get to have pizza!  There is the flatbread pizza and the thick crust pizza.  It’s your own personal pan pizza, and I love them!  Your dessert choices are pretty awesome too:  popcorn, chocolate pudding, chocolate cake (my favorite!), chocolate brownie, etc.  Yes, you get to eat dessert!

I am a picky eater.  I love that with the Nutrisystem plan I get to pick what I want to eat.  I have found a ton of food that I love.  I mean seriously, I can have chocolate and pizza!  What more could I want?

As far as my weekly update, I am happy to report that I have lost another 2.2 pounds.  I am adding more exercise into my schedule (even though I find it hard to do, I am trying to make myself do it).  I also am trying to drink more water, but that seems to be my biggest struggle.


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  1. Pizza and chocolate sounds like an enjoyable diet. Congratulations on your loss thus far. You're doing great!

  2. Yes, the pizza was my favorite dinner too. I love lots of the desserts. Go figure. Haha! I think my favorite protein shake was the coffee. Good job on the weight loss.

  3. chocolate, pizza and cake? sign me up!

  4. Congrats on your weight loss!!

  5. Congrats you are doing great! It sounds like a good fit for you!

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