Wordless Wednesday: Joan Lunden


  1. How about that? Great picture.

    Catch My Words

  2. So neat! Great picture of the two of you :)

  3. Pretty cool! What was she like in person?


    My Organized Chaos

  4. I don't know her or what's going on but can tell you seem to be pretty happy about it all :)

  5. NYCSingleMom :

    I loved Joan Lunden back when she was on Good Morning America

  6. Wow, haven't seen Joan Lunden in ages! How fun to see you with her!

  7. how cool!

  8. Just joined here! Have a good Easter!

  9. Great experience :)

  10. I haven't see Joan Lunden in ages. She looks fantastic and so do you!

  11. Ok. I feel horrible. I don't know who she is. I'm off to Google her though.

  12. That's pretty cool. She always seems like such a classy lady.

  13. Lovely ladies. Have a great WW.

    My entry.

  14. Cool!

  15. Wow….Joan Lunden…mention of her really brings me back…..It's been awhile, hasn't it?

  16. Very Cool!

  17. How cool is that?!

  18. you look better than joan lunden!

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