Save A Station Wagon, Ride a Minivan

Okay, corny title, I know. However, we love our minivan. It was one of the best purchases we ever made. It is especially nice for trips like we are doing this weekend up to Green Bay. We have plenty of room to haul all of our stuff, the stuff I’m bringing for my sister (Will’s clothes that he has outgrown), and on the way home, we are picking up a new bed for Will. Now, you can’t haul a bed in a little bitty car, can you? I think not!

Our next van may be a Toyota Sienna. We already have a Prius (yes, we have averaged 60 mpg in that baby at times), so we know what a quality brand Toyota is. Best of all, there are toyota sienna special offers happening right now. Who doesn’t like to save a couple of bucks? I know I do! I also love that you can get moonroofs in the minivans now. I love a stylish ride! Plus, who doesn’t want a back-up camera. Bill has that on his car, and it is pretty sweet.

What do you drive? Is it a minivan? A Prius? A *gasp* station wagon? What do you look for in your vehicles?

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