Feeling Good About Shopping – #NSNation – Week 11 Update

When you are heavier, shopping is a nightmare.  The majority of my wardrobe was black clothes.  Why?  Because they don’t make clothes if you are larger that are stylish and most of them have huge floral patterns that wouldn’t look good on anyone!  Now, I still hate shopping, but it is soooo nice to walk into a store and actually find things on a rack.

As many of you may know, Madison’s first communion is in less than a month, and since my weight loss, I’ve got nothing to wear!    While I was in Green Bay this weekend, we went clothes shopping.  Again.  This time it was to find a dress.  I will also need a dress for Bill’s brothers wedding in September.

Since we were looking for dresses, we headed over to Dress Barn.  We were there about 2 hours and I swear I tried on at least 50 dresses.  However, we scored!  I found 2 dresses that I bought there!  This is the dress I got for Madison’s first communion:

This is the dress that I got for Bill’s brother’s wedding:

It was so nice to find things that looked good on me in a size 16! I couldn’t tell you the last time I wore a size 16, and I can only thank Nutrisystem for this!  Now, over the weekend, I ate out on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  I was a little worried about what I was going to weigh in this morning at.  I watched what I ate and made smart choices.  That being said, I lost an additional 2 pounds!  Nutrisystem has taught me to make good food choices when I am out (now, they are going to recommend that you don’t eat out but sometimes you can’t help it.  Like when you are out of state like we were).


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  1. you have picked a very pretty dress which fits to all sorts of occasions. I usually had some shopping marathon when I have some proper budget and also when I want to purchase something that I need. I usually save first when there is something I want to buy or purchase.

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