Wordless Wednesday: Bunnytime


  1. Is that the Easter Bunny visiting a restaraunt? How fun! I wish we would have had that here! It's usually just Santa in these parts.

  2. That is really neat! It must have been a fun restaurant.

  3. Cute shot

  4. I bet the kids loved it. Nice touch to Easter dinner.

  5. It's so nice when they still believe in the Easter Bunny, isn't it?

  6. Whao.. getting easter eggs from the easter bunny must been a real treat for your boy.

  7. How cute, great photo!

  8. Yay Easter bunny time!

  9. I hope he picked something really good!

  10. How fun!

    Leche Flan

  11. I didn't know the Easter bunny hands out candy! :) Too cute.

  12. Looks like fun! :)

  13. Awww that is so sweet!

  14. adorable

  15. Aw, such cute pictures. Can't wait to take my daughter's picture with a bunny when she is ready to play Easter games.

  16. i think that big bunny would scare kids? cute.

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