Win a Hasbro Game!

My family and I are such huge Hasbro fans.  They just make quality products that stand the test of time.  That is why I am excited to tell you about two of their new products:  Star Wars Fighter Pods and Bop It! XT.

Fighter Pods are miniature collectible versions of the characters from all six “Star Wars” films and “The Clone Wars” animated series. The miniature characters come with battle pods that are used to knock down as many of your opponent’s figures as possible by spinning, launching or rolling the pods into battle. More than 100 Star Wars Fighter Pods figures are available so kids can collect them, set them up and knock them down in head-to-head battling play. Whether challenging neighbors to epic battles in the driveway or setting up a galaxy of characters at the park, Star Wars Fighter Pods are a great choice to pack and play for hours of fun anywhere your springtime adventures may take you.  These are for kids 4 and up.  Will LOVES this.  He is one of those kids who loves little figures like these that he can carry around in his hands.  I think he like carrying them around and showing them off more than he likes playing with them!  They are definitely cute and are a must get for any Star Wars fan.

Who doesn’t remember Bop It?  This is one of the classic games that got you up off your butt and got your exercising.  Plus, it looks super easy, and it really isn’t.  The new Bop It! XT is sure to get kids up and moving this spring. As the game unit challenges you to “Bop it,” “Pull it,” Twist it,” “Flick it,” “Spin it,” and “Shake it,” you’ll have to think quickly while using increased skill and speed to perform the commands as fast as possible. The more commands you correctly follow, the faster the commands come!  Yes, this is just as fun as the original!  I also love that you can pass it (I don’t remember this being a feature before).  Best of all, there is a party mode too that requires you to use your whole body!  You can also play one on one which divides the game unit into two sides.  Another new feature is that you can now pick what level you want to play:  novice, expert, master, and pro.

Since my family loves Bop It! XT, I have arranged for only lucky winner to win one!  Here’s what you need to do:

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