Wordless Wednesday: Will’s New Bedroom


  1. Love the bed!

  2. How cute with the toes poking out. Looks like a great space saver, I think my new born grandson may need a set up like that I'm staying on an extended visit in what will be his tiny room, The neighbors have a similar floor plan lay out and their sons have a set up similar to Wills,

    • His room is only 9' x 11' with no closet, so I don't have a lot of room. I'm glad you noticed his feet. :) He was sleeping when I snapped these pictures tonight. :)

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  4. My kids have loft beds as well.

  5. Nice bed. This is soo cute. Thanks for posting and sharing with us.

  6. My kids have loft beds as well.

  7. Great bed for space and organization. He must love sleeping up top :)

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  8. very coo.wish I had one like that when I was a kid.

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  10. I love that bed! I bet it's a great space-saver!

  11. That looks like every boy's dream bedroom! Looks great!

  12. LOVE!!!! I bet my little buddy is loving it too!!

    I may need to look into a bed like that for Xander when we move.

  13. Loving it, he must be thrilled with this great bedroom!

  14. That's beautiful and neat..

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