#NSNation Update – Week 14

I’ve got a video update this week for you:

Overall, I had a crazy week last week culminating in Sunday’s Girl Scout Lunch. Yes, I literally stressed about it, because I had no idea what we were eating. I also paid for it, so I wasn’t going to bring a lunch bar with me. That being said, I did well. I was able to eat small portions and felt good when I left that I didn’t mess anything up. I ate half of the soup, I took a small amount of noodles and mashed potatoes. I also had a piece of chicken but pulled off the skin. Getting on the scale this morning, I was a tad nervous, but was happy to see a 1.8 lb weight loss!

I also have people coming up to me now asking me how I am losing weight and telling me I look good. That is a great feeling and definitely a motivator. However, this week will be a test. Madison’s First Communion in Saturday, so we have a super busy week ahead of us. I am hoping to do NO stress eating. I also plan on having some of the food we are making and ordering on Saturday, so I am hoping that by eating that in moderation, I still lose weight this week too! For once though, I have faith in myself that it will happen! When I started, I never imagined that I would have lost almost 34 lbs already!


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  1. I'm loving the lessons you're learning and sharing with us!!

  2. You are doing so great. Keep surging forward. Way to go!!

  3. Congrats on the weight loss!

  4. It's always nice when other people notice your progress. Good job!

  5. I wish I knew how to control my stress eating. That's my biggest problem. Keep up the great work and enjoy this weekend!

  6. I tend to eat when I get stressed as well. Good luck this week, I know you can do it.

  7. Yay!!! Lovin' it! Keep going!

  8. you're doing awesome. and i'm right behind you…32.4

  9. Wow….you are doing amazing…that's like more than 2 pounds a week!!!! Congrats!

  10. you are AWESOME!

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