New York, Here We Come

If you can believe it (I know I can’t), our trip to New York is right around the corner. We just got a list of hotels together for where to stay while driving there and driving home (We have opted to make the drive a 2 day drive there and a three day drive back with some sightseeing scheduled for the way home). We are still trying to figure out what to do once we get to New York, but our trip is slowly but surely coming together. (I have even checked out a ny carpet cleaning company in case my kids trash the place! They shouldn’t but red koolaid stains something fierce!).  There is just so much to do in New York.  We are trying to find something affordable yet age appropriate for the kids.  We also hope staying with my sister-in-law will save us on eating out the whole time we are there too (that being said, I am still planning on eating out at least once a day.  I figure that lunch, most likely, will be eaten while we are out  on the go sightseeing).

Any suggestions for our trip?  Where must we go and see?  Any place we should steer clear of?

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