Wordless Wednesday


  1. Eek!! gives me goosebumps just looking at them!

  2. Aye yi yiiiieee red ants the size of (not so) small boys eek.

  3. That's kind of creepy! LOL! Your little guy looks happy though! :)

  4. How cool is that! We had a "Big Bugs" exhibit a year ago and my kiddos LOVED it!

    Thanks for linking up with me.

  5. I hate ants! The love to bite my toes. These really creep me out.

  6. My kids are creeped out by ants…don't know why, they're so small! lol….so they'd probably be freaked out! But that looks so cool :) Thanks for linking up!

  7. Ew! They look so real. Run, little guy. Run!

  8. I looked at this really fast and thought they were lobsters.

  9. Creepy and icky.

  10. Wow! Those are super cool!

  11. Those are something my boys would love!! Are you at a park?

  12. wow..how very interesting!! a great picture.

    I am your newest follows..pls follow back if you can.

    happy WW!

  13. My daughter would absolutely LOVE this!!! I'm sure she'd want to climb the fence and touch them, and I'd probably let her do it lol.

    Thanks for linking up for WW!!



  14. A little creepy, lol! I'm not a fan of ants

  15. those ants are actually pretty. I like the way you create the background. smiles.

  16. Super cool! Happy WW.

    Mine's here.

  17. That is wild! Were there other giant bugs, too?

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