Back From Vacation – #NSNation Update – Week 21

Since I didn’t have access to a scale, I didn’t have a checkin last week for you all. Instead, I was in New York with my kids. We drove there, so we had about 5 days in the car (total!).

There are a few things I learned on my trip. First, I am a healthier person. We walked for 10 hours last Monday in Times Square, Rockefeller Center, and Staten Island. We walked for 7 hours last Wednesday at the Bronx Zoo besides all the other walking we did. Bill was complaining that his legs hurt. Not only did I keep up with him (Bill is a literally a foot taller than me and I often times had problems keeping up.) but my legs didn’t hurt. I was able to walk around and not need to take breaks or be out of breath. Can I tell you how wonderful that is? Can I tell you that I am actually proud of myself because of that?

I tried to watch what I ate very closely also. Eating Nutrisystem foods wasn’t also possible (and sometimes just wasn’t all that polite either to our hosts). I made good food decisions when I could. Now, on the night before we drove home, I literally said I want fried perch, so damn it, I’m ordering it. And I did. And it was good. However, I also knew that I haven’t “cheated” the whole time I’ve been doing this. One day wasn’t going to make me gain 40 lbs back. Losing weight is a lifestyle change and learning to eat in moderation is what I have taken away from it. Having fried perch every night isn’t good for me. Having fried perch once in a great while isn’t going to be the death of me either.

Something else happened while we were gone too — I learned what a partner my husband is. Not only has he been an awesome support system for me, he tells me I look awesome even though I don’t believe it some days. He’ll mention it when I am least expecting it. When we were out to eat, he also helped me scour the menus to find something that we both thought would be good to eat. We celebrated 11 married years together (16 total together) while in New York if you can believe that!

However, I’ll be honest. My biggest fear was that I was going to gain weight even watching what I did. However, I am proud to announce that not only did I not gain weight, I didn’t stay the same either. In the 2 weeks we were gone, I lost 2.6 lbs. Would I love that number to be, say, 4 lbs? Yes. However, I still think that is pretty good. How many people go on vacation and gain weight? I can actually say I lost some!


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  1. I’ve never been to New York before but I really wish I could go there sometime. All I can say is what a really active person you are for walking for 10 hours. I can’t even do that. Also, good thing for taking out your family for a vacation. It’s a nice family bonding and relaxing to you as well.

  2. We just came back from NYC and I totally understand all the walking! And I think it's wonderful that you did great on vacation. That's usually the time when people stray from their diets. Great job!

  3. You're doing great. Congratulations. Losing weight on holiday is next to impossible but you are totally rocking this!

  4. Congratulations! You have such a great attitude and your success is inspiring.

    Isn't it fantastic to go on vacation feeling like you got some exercise, you ate a little bit of food that you love, and can stay on track now that you're home? Great job!

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