The Big 5-0! (And I’m Not Talking Age!) – #NSNation Update – Week 23

Exciting news people! Exciting news! With all the issues I have had this month, I can honestly say that June was a struggle. However, I am proud to say that I officially have lost 50 pounds! Can you believe it?

I even made a video about it! It’s about all the things I wouldn’t have done 50 lbs ago:

Even though I did the hard work, I couldn’t have done it without Nutrisystem. Having tried to lose weight in the past, I know how hard it is. Nutrisystem has made it easy for me. They’ve taken the stress out of weight loss for me which is why I think I am successful. I also couldn’t have done it without all of you. You’ve kept me motivated with your kind words.

It’s hard for me to believe I’ve made it this far! This was one of those “mini” goals I’ve set for myself and I have to admit I’m pretty proud!

Here’s where we started:

And you can see in the video how far we’ve come!

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  1. Yay. I got there too and now I need to readjust with life changes and figure out how to get workouts back into the schedule

  2. Way to go!! Congrats on reaching your goal!!

  3. you rock! 50lbs!!!! That is amazing! I'm so happy to hear about all the awesome things you are able to do now!

  4. Woo Hoo!! Fifty pounds is absolutely fabulous!! I love your list especially swimming just in time for the heat of the summer!! ;D I think the dang zombies would give me serious nightmares though. LOL

  5. That's great news! Congratulations!

  6. Woot! That is so awesome! You look great. I'm glad you are able to play soccer with your family now. :D

  7. That is a remarkable goal to reach! Love the list :)

  8. Congratulations!!!!! I'm on the road to healthier living and I WILL reach 50 too

  9. 50? that's incredible! congratulations!!!

  10. yay! Congrats to you girlie! That app sounds crazy. I need to go check it out! lol

  11. FIFTY POUNDS!! Lisa, I am so ridiculously proud of you! I can't wait to see the results in person! xoxo

  12. Congratulations. What a big milestone!!!

  13. Congratulations girl, thinking of trying the nutrisystem myself – hopefully I can get results just like you!!

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