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Yes, it is that time year. I know a ton of people moving this summer. I’m actually seeing on my Facebook feed this morning that some of my friends actually have the packers at their home right now! Did you know that the average American has over 60 tasks to do in order to prepare for a move? Having moved myself many times, I can believe it. With so much to do, important decisions can slip through the cracks. David Gregg and Libby Langdon have collaborated with America‚Äôs leading cable companies to bring consumers a one stop shop for connecting your cable Internet, TV and phone along with other time and budget-saving moving tips.

Here are some of their tips for your move this summer:

To help you all with your moves this summer, I have a $25 VISA gift card to give away to one of my lucky readers! Here’s what you need to do:

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  1. Make sure to mark each box that you pack with what room it should go in and also what the box contains. Makes unpacking much easier.

  2. Start stocking up on boxes at least 2-3 weeks before the move by going to local stores and warehouses to get boxes for free

  3. Call around, get quotes, and get bids for your move. Most will price match or got 10% below to get your business

  4. Label all the boxes and put a special marking on the boxes that contain essential items, or items that you will be needing first.

  5. Pack one room at a time. Don't leave most of the packing to the last minutes because you will get burnt out quickly and wish you had more help.

  6. My best moving tips are 1) lay out a flat sheet on the floor and place your hanging clothes on the sheet and tie it up to transport and 2) leave a sheet on the mattress so that while moving it won't get dirty corners.

  7. For several months beforehand, or as soon as you know you'll be moving, try to make a list of the contact information for every business that sends you mail. Then you can give them all your new address as soon as possible. Filing a USPS change of address form to get your mail forwarded is only temporary, and any business you don't contact directly may keep sending mail to your old address for years to come.

  8. Label, label, label! Though you know what you're packing as you do it, you won't by the time you get everything moved and switched around. Labeling is a life saver!

  9. I'm moving in a couple weeks, so it's great to read everyone's tips here. Ever since we put in our bid, we've been saving up boxes. I'll be sure to clearly label the top and bottom and final destination of every box we pack.

  10. Don't think you can do it all yourself! It's worth it to pay someone to pack for you.


  11. Mark all boxes with what is in them and what room they go into. That way when moving in you can carry those boxes right to their proper rooms.

  12. Your giveaway is posted on my blog
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

    P.S. My suggestion for moving was posted in the Rafflecopter, but if it should have gone here, then I suggested that you get rid of or donate a LOT of stuff before you move. Cut down on clutter.

    Google Circle my name is Carol Ezovski

  13. My tip is to label your boxes and throw anything away or donate anything that you have not used in a year

  14. My tip is to organize things with labels or different colored bins so you know what boxes or crates belong to each room. Categorize boxes and leave a label summarizing some of the important things you put in them.

  15. make sure to go through everything and make sure you do still need it, if not don't move it with you DONATE

  16. My expert tip would be to make sure you plan ahead. Pack ahead and don't procrastinate. It makes it way harder to move if you wait until the last minute.

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