Wordless Wednesday: Guitar Hero Time!


  1. They look like they're having a blast!!! Thanks for the linky and happy W.W.



  2. Cool looking band! They look like they are having a blast!!

  3. I bet this band makes some awesome sounds… as long as they don't play when you're trying to nap.


  4. Looks like lots of fun! :)

  5. looks like they are having a lot of fun! :)

  6. lol wooden spoons instead of the drumsticks? Is he any good at them. I pretty much blow when it comes to the drums.

  7. How fun!

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  8. Looks like they're having a great time!

  9. Looks so fun! I've haven't tried that game yet :)

  10. Guitar Hero is always so much fun!

  11. Love some guitar hero! Thanks for the linky :)

  12. They are having such a great time! Thanks for sharing.

  13. I LOVE Guitar Hero!!!

    It's a completely awesome way to connect with teenagers and have a great time relaxing and laughing with them :)

  14. Rock on! It looks like they are having a blast!

  15. You got yourself some real Party Rockers there!

  16. Looks like a blast! I haven't played in years!

  17. So cute watching kids play that! My kids play this sometimes and I tried once, but failed lol.

    Happy WW and thanks for linking up!



  18. Time to start a rock band…

  19. That looks like it is a lot of fun to be had.

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